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Wings For Her

"WingsForHer" is a program designed to help girls pursue STEM courses through career counseling and scholarships. Additionally, it supports them in entering STEM careers through job readiness and mentorship programs.

Access Barriers

  • The Indian Science Foundation predicts that 80% of future jobs will require STEM skills,

  • While there has been year on year increase in girls getting into STEM courses in India. There are 7 states where the average is below the national average of 43%. In states like West Bengal (10.9%), Punjab (16.2%), Haryana (13.11%), Gujarat(16.07%), Jharkhand (15.35%), Rajasthan (19.4%), and Odisha (22.35%) percentage of girls graduating from the schools from science and maths disciplines in higher secondary grades are lower than the national average.

Participation in Workforce

  • The digital economy can potentially create 60 to 65 million jobs by 2025, most requiring functional digital skills.However, only 14% women get into STEM careers and in C-suite level only 3% of women hold the post of CEOs in the STEM Industry

The main reasons  are stated below

  • Lack of financial resources hinders girls' participation in STEM courses

  • Societal norms , stereotypes and lack of motivation deter girls from pursuing STEM careers

  •  Lack of 21st century skills and Job readiness Skills makes it difficult for taking up STEM Careers

The Data

STEM Education

Program Highlights

Financial Support

Financial Support

Mentoring  Suppport



Career Guidance

Career Guidance

Job Readiness

Job Readiness

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